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Thankfully Friday!

In our house my husband does all the cooking and grocery shopping.  It's wonderful and I love it.  However, he hates to think of ideas on what to make for dinner.   I create a menu for the week and he builds his list around the menu.  It works out great.  We eat better and it's much less stressful.  A friend of mine does the same thing and is always good for swapping menu's with.  If I get stuck on what to have I can usually email her real quick and she can give me some ideas.  Our best menus have just a couple ingredients for each night.  We both work and have 2 little kids, we don't have time for elaborate dinners.

A trick I have learned to help me think of ideas is a "cheat sheet" on our fridge of easy dinner ideas.  This way if I am stumped and can't think of something I can refer to this list for easy ideas.  I also sometimes use my son's daycare lunch menu for ideas.  Here are some easy ideas on my list:

Homemade Pizza / or fr…
Thankfully Friday!
A great tip I have for busy families is sync your cell phone calendar.  I am shocked by how many people don’t do this.  Jason and I have done this since we first got our cell phones.  We have Droid phones.  I remember when we first switched to smart phones (years ago) I fought it kicking and screaming.   We were at the cell phone store for over an hour with the sales guy trying to sell me on this.  If he had just mentioned syncing calendars and how easy it is I would have been sold within minutes.  I imagine you can do this with iPhones but I don’t have one.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about this feature.  My husband and I both contribute events to the calendar and then “invite” the other person so we can see it.  I am able to see when he has to work late for work or has a work happy hour, we can both see kid’s doctors’ appointments and we can see what our weekend plans are before checking with the other person “are we free”.  We always ask the other person…
Resolutions / goals / plans  - whatever you call them we all need something in our life to work towards.  Something to strive for.  Something that gets us excited to get up every single day and aim to be better.  How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? This year I named mine “goals”.  That is essentially what they are anyways; things we are striving to accomplish or improve.   I put a lot of thought into mine this year and I really am striving to accomplish them.  I have both work goals and personal goals.   I personally have more motivation to accomplish a large task or goal if I know the little steps I am going to take to accomplish them.  I love crossing things off a list and by breaking down big goals into manageable chucks it allows me to cross of many things.  This is always a mood booster for me! I have my work and personal goals pinned up on my wall at work.  Why work hard to decide what you want to accomplish throughout the year if you don’t constantly check in w…
Hello Internet I am back!!!

I have been meaning to get back to blogging but instead decided to have 2 kids and change jobs since I wrote last and that has absorbed much of my time.  Every once in a while there is a moment of silence in my house so I am going to start jumping on the computer to write.

My blog is going to be my documentation of life as a working mom, wife, novice gardener and lover of all crafts! It should be great and I am pumped to get back to writing.

Currently my garden is buried under a few inches of snow.  However, I am loving my new "window garden"(it is the only garden I can see from inside the house).  It's right outside my dining room window and was a new additional last August!  The only negative I have so far is that every day I can see the new rabbit tracks through the garden and it irritates the heck out of me!!  This year I am going to do better with getting outside as soon as the snow melts to spray my rabbit spay on the plants to keep th…