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Resolutions / goals / plans  - whatever you call them we all need something in our life to work towards.  Something to strive for.  Something that gets us excited to get up every single day and aim to be better.  How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? This year I named mine “goals”.  That is essentially what they are anyways; things we are striving to accomplish or improve.   I put a lot of thought into mine this year and I really am striving to accomplish them.  I have both work goals and personal goals.   I personally have more motivation to accomplish a large task or goal if I know the little steps I am going to take to accomplish them.  I love crossing things off a list and by breaking down big goals into manageable chucks it allows me to cross of many things.  This is always a mood booster for me!
I have my work and personal goals pinned up on my wall at work.  Why work hard to decide what you want to accomplish throughout the year if you don’t constantly check in with yourself to see how you are doing.  Time is valuable to all of us and I want to make sure that the time I spend creating these goals was worth it.  Below are my personal goals for 2017 and my current status.

Katie’s Personal Goals 2017
-          Date night with Jason whether going out or staying in.
o    Ideally once a month but aim for once a quarter.
§  2/15 – we went on a cruise in January with no kids and had many opportunities to be alone and focus on each other

-          Take more pictures
o   Take one picture at least once a week
§  2/15 – I enlisted my best friend to help hold me accountable for this goal.  This has been a goal of mine for years and I have never accomplished it.  Since my cell phone is the most accessable camera that I have I am using that to help with this goal.  I text Melanie the picture I take every week.  This is 2 fold, she gets to see what we are doing and the kids growing and I make sure that I take a picture since I know she will ask me about it.

-          Cut costs
o   Call on garbage, tv, etc to see if bills can be lowered
§  2/15 – have not called around yet.  Need to work on this.
o   Buy less and use what we have whether it is food or other supplies.
§  2/15 – being more conscience of what food we have in the freezer and making sure we use it before we go bad.  Donating things we don’t need or want anymore and selling things of value. 

-          Improve our budget
o   Find a more effective way to monitor spending and saving.
§  2/15 – still a work in progress.  This month I have started tracking my own spending on a piece of paper in my purse.  This allows me to see where I am spending money that I don’t need to be.  Have talked to Audra about what she and James do.  Jason signed up or but we need to be more diligent on it.
o   Set saving goal for the year and how to accomplish it
§  2/15 – have not done this.

-          Clean out unnecessary “stuff”
o   Make sure clothes and stuff we have around the house is either useful, we love it or has deep meaning, otherwise donate
§  2/15 – need to keep working on this.  Trying to donate or give to friends things we no longer use.  Ex.  Bumbo chair and receiving blankets.

-          Make it a priority to have more one on one time with kids, friends and Jason (date nights)
§  2/15 – have not done this

-          Less screen time
o   Put down the phone at night
§  2/15 – not successful at all. I feel like I am using my phone more at night since I wrote this goal.   Need to set a timer or put phone in another room.  Maybe allow myself 15 minutes at night to check email and then leave it in the kitchen.  I want to get back to doing crafts and night and reading.  Getting sucked into my phone is taking up time that I could be using for more valuable activities.

There are some I need to focus harder or come up with better small steps to accomplish the goal.  All of these are very important to me.  All of us are works in progress and I am excited to see how this year unfolds.  I am excited to focus on becoming a better writer this year and using the blog as my “practice”.  I am excited to see how this pushes me and allows me to learn new skills.  I am very excited but one thing I need to do is make sure I set time aside to do it.  Start by starting.  This is one of my favorite quotes and this past week I have found myself saying it over and over. 

Start by starting.  

Here I am starting… hold on tight.


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