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Thankfully Friday!

A great tip I have for busy families is sync your cell phone calendar.  I am shocked by how many people don’t do this.  Jason and I have done this since we first got our cell phones.  We have Droid phones.  I remember when we first switched to smart phones (years ago) I fought it kicking and screaming.   We were at the cell phone store for over an hour with the sales guy trying to sell me on this.  If he had just mentioned syncing calendars and how easy it is I would have been sold within minutes.  I imagine you can do this with iPhones but I don’t have one.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this feature.  My husband and I both contribute events to the calendar and then “invite” the other person so we can see it.  I am able to see when he has to work late for work or has a work happy hour, we can both see kid’s doctors’ appointments and we can see what our weekend plans are before checking with the other person “are we free”.  We always ask the other person before making a commitment but it’s nice to see it all in one place.  I used to use my work calendar in Outlook as my work and social calendar.  EVERYTHING went in there.  This worked great however if I wasn’t at work and someone asked me our availability I literally couldn’t tell them until I went to work the next day.   This works much better for us since unfortunately our phones are with us at all times.

Since it has been years since we set this up I don’t remember how to do it.  Below is a link I found online if you are interested.


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