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Today I wanted to quit

Parenting is hard.  I mean really hard, and today I wanted to quit.
Our 4-year-old is having nightmares at night.  Truth is, we don’t know what is actually happening.  He is not asleep yet and he is crying he had a nightmare.  I struggle with being supportive but I also know that he is trying to get me to lay down with him.  It’s hard when you are exhausted and you haven’t even had a chance to sit down yet.  You say to yourself, I just want a minute alone.
But it’s not just our 4-year-old.  Our 10-month -old has completely regressed in sleeping as well.  She has been sleeping through the night for months and now just this last month or so she has stopped. She wakes up and we can’t get her back down.  So my husband and I did what every parenting book told us not to do, we brought her into our bed.  We knew this was not the solution, but we were tired.  We are parents and we are tired.  Now she sleeps a couple hours in her crib, wakes up crying and won’t sleep alone. It’s horrible, it’s t…

Make sure your kids have childhood pictures

We are in an age of digital.
There is no denying that.

We are also in the age of taking millions of pictures on our cell phones and doing nothing with them.

Be honest with yourself, we all fall in this category.  I don't develop pictures nearly as often as I used to.  I know about 2 people that do.  I will develop pictures I want to hang up at work or in our house, but that's it.  My mother in law prints pictures and mails them to us so that is really where most of my actual hard copy pictures come from.  One thing that I have been doing for the last 8 years, is printing family yearbooks.  I remember when I was growing up looking through all my parents photo albums of my sister and I when we were younger.  I don't want my kids to think that we didn't take pictures of them so every year I create a family yearbook on Shutterfly of all the events that happened.   I love creating the books and I love looking through them.   If there is a special event (like a vacation o…
Menu 3/20-3/24

Monday - pasta, sauce and meatballs (my mom is in town and making HOMEMADE sauce but of course you can use jarred)

Tuesday - Mom and I are going out (family will probably have leftovers)

Wednesday - Tuna Noodle Casserole (again mom is here and cooking)  here is a simple recipe

Thursday - I am out - family will probably do hot dogs or grilled cheese

Friday - not sure yet....


I know this is a pretty loose schedule.  This would be a good week to pick from your "Easy Dinner Ideas" list that is on your fridge.  Try a new simple recipe or treat yourself to an easy dinner out.  We deserve it once in a while.
Menu 3/12-3/17

Sunday - Meatloaf and mashed potatoes   - potatoes are from the dairy section, already prepared.  here is the link to our favorite meatloaf recipe

Monday - Linguine and Clam sauce.  This was on the menu a week or so ago but we didn't end up making it.  You can make it homemade but we use this   and then buy a can of minced clams to add to it.  This has so much flavor and we actually prefer it to homemade.

Tuesday - Italian sausage with peppers and onions (again didn't make last week)

Wednesday - salmon with fresh broccoli

Thursday - breakfast for dinner

Friday - out of town
On of my best friends moved to Atlanta.  I wanted to give her something that was homemade by my 4 year old son but didn't look homemade.  So we made this:

I am very happy with how it turned out and it was VERY easy!  I did something similar in our basement with his paintings when he was younger.  I also made a 5x7 heart picture for both sets of grandparents.  Turned out great!
All you have to do it get your child (or you could do it!) to paint a picture.  

I found a free picture of the outline of NYS online, cut it out and placed it on top of the picture.  I found a heart sticker in my son's collection and BAM... project done. 

I got a frame with a mat at JoAnn Fabrics and called it a present!  
You can use this same concept for teacher gifts, moving away presents like I did, hearts, cut out hand prints, the sky is the limit. The ones in the basement have the reverse concept, I put the heart out of the painting and put it on plain white paper.  If you do it this way i recommen…
3/5 - 3-10

We are out of town this weekend so my menu is starting on Sunday.  Last weekend I got crazy and completely out of my normal not cooking self and made 3 meals!!  Crazy! We didn't end up eating the homemade mac and cheese so I put that in the freezer.

Sunday - Homemade Mac and Cheese

Monday - leftovers

Tuesday - Chicken Caesar Wraps
frozen chicken fingers cooked in microwave, tossed with caesar dressing, mozzarella cheese, lettuce in a wrap

Wednesday - we are at a friends for dinner

Thursday - Italian Sausage with peppers and onions

Friday - BBQ Salmon with fresh broccoli
pan sear salmon on the stove.  put on a cookie sheet with tin foil and pour bbq sauce on the time and put under the broiler in stove
Fabulous Friday

We all need a minute. 
Sometimes more, but we all need to stop and take time for ourselves.  
I know that sounds crazy and impossible but its rejuvenating if you do it.  Last night I needed time.  I was in a mood and no one in my family could do anything right.  After the kids went to bed I went upstairs and got myself ready for bed.  I did a face mask and read my new magazine that had just arrived in the mail while it dried.  After washing my face I got back into bed to finish my magazine and just relax.  I felt better after doing this and waking up this morning.  I had a couple things I had planned to do last night that obviously didn’t get done, but its ok.  I am trying to learn that life doesn’t have to be perfect and crazy busy.  We only get one, and we need to make the best of it. 
Here is a great quote…

It is simple and when you break it down its easy but hard at the same time.  We all need to focus on what we love, how we act and what makes us unique…