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What I hope to be a cheap and easy window seat

I love my house.
I love the layout, I love the view from the back yard and I love the improvements we have made. But…… I want to continue to improve the house and upgrade it from a standard builder grade track house to a custom home.   But I still haven’t found the money tree that will supply me with endless funds to afford my visions.  

We are currently in the middle of a bathroom renovation it's hard to get my husband excited about the next project when our current one isn’t complete.   We have done many easy upgrades to the house ourselves throughout the past 5 years and have contracted out the larger projects.   Sometimes I need to stop and remember all the things we have done and how far we have come with this house.  We have turned our overgrown, missing light bulbs and broken toilet house into a home.

Some of the simple things we have done are switching out the door knobs and all light fixtures from brass to brushed nickel.  We have changed all the toilets, the outlets and li…
I love gardening!  I still feel like a rookie but I just love it.  I read all I can on different plants and gardening techniques, I subscribe to a gardening magazine, I have garden journal of what I plant each year along with maps of my gardens, our local garden center is my "happy place" and LOVE swapping plants with friends and family.  Free plants?!?!  I am in!

This past fall my in laws bought a new house.  Their "old" home had gardens that should be in magazines.  I have learned all that I know about perennials from my mother in law.  She also loves to split and share plants, so my gardens are a very very small version of hers you could say.  This past fall before they moved my mother in law split a ton of plants for me.  I had just gotten a new garden dug out and not it is completely full!  However since cold weather was fast approaching I literally threw things in the ground just to get them planted. I usually try and place plants based on when they bloom, co…