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What I hope to be a cheap and easy window seat

I love my house.

I love the layout, I love the view from the back yard and I love the improvements we have made. But…… I want to continue to improve the house and upgrade it from a standard builder grade track house to a custom home.   But I still haven’t found the money tree that will supply me with endless funds to afford my visions.  

We are currently in the middle of a bathroom renovation it's hard to get my husband excited about the next project when our current one isn’t complete.   We have done many easy upgrades to the house ourselves throughout the past 5 years and have contracted out the larger projects.   Sometimes I need to stop and remember all the things we have done and how far we have come with this house.  We have turned our overgrown, missing light bulbs and broken toilet house into a home.

Some of the simple things we have done are switching out the door knobs and all light fixtures from brass to brushed nickel.  We have changed all the toilets, the outlets and light switches to white instead of cream.  Not always the easiest task but makes the house look more modern.  We replaced the storm door on the front of our house to one that has the screen build in (I would recommend this!).  We installed ceramic tile in our mud room and the kid’s bathroom.  That was my first tiling experience.  It came out really well but I can’t take most of the credit, I had college friends come down and help me.  My Father-in-Law added cabinets over the washer and dryer as well as a built in drying rack.  I painted a wall in our kitchen with chalk board paint.  We have switched out vanities as well as painted one.  These are just a few of simpler things we have done to increase the value and appeal of our house.  We contracted out adding on a deck, replacing the roof on our shed, replacing the back door to our garage, finishing our basement and remodeling our bathroom.  WOW.  When you stop to look at this list we have done a ton! I would love to see what the value of our home is now verses when we bought it.  The house next to us sold at the end of last year for $40,000 more than we purchased ours for.  I have never been in that house but the new owners say no updating has been done.  Cha Ching!

A few years ago we had the downstairs painted.  I stressed about the color for a long time and just couldn’t decide.  I am usually one to make a solid, fast decision and never look back.  For some reason this held me up.  My last house I went really bold with the colors.  I had a red dining room and a gold family room.  When we moved into our new house I was over the bold colors and wanted colors that were cool and calming.  After living with it for a few years it’s not really me.  I am drawn to warm colors. I only want about 1 to 2 shades darker than what I have. I want a warmer color like this:

Or this:

Benjamin Moore Color..."berkshire beige." A warm, medium beige that will bring coziness to any room.
This is Berkshire Beige by Benjamin Moore

My husband is not happy at all.  Mostly because he thinks he is going to have to do it (and I would LOVE that).  I hate painting, but, if I want this project done I think I am going to have to do it myself.   I also have teal accents and honestly it’s just not me.  I want it to be me and I try to make it work but I can’t get into it.  Maybe if the wall is warmer I will like it.  The teal comes from a picture that I really liked that is behind our sofa.  It’s not my favorite anymore and I would like something new. I really would like to paint over the picture but I am not sure I am bold enough. I think I want to go tan on the walls and navy and white accents.  I don’t know if I am drawn to this because one of my best friends just did her family room in navy and it looks stunning or what.  But I really like the idea.   See where the money tree would be handy, all these things need money.

I currently have white drapes that will play off my darker walls (when they are repainted) and dark brown leather furniture.   We have espresso side tables in that room as well. Our fireplace has an oak mantel.  The mantel detail is gorgeous but the oak isn’t my style.  It matches our railing going upstairs and our French doors but I would love to stain it dark or paint it white and kind of distress it.  I think that idea will take a bit of convincing for my husband though.   We honestly work really well with inspiration pictures of spaces so I want to see if I can find any.

The thing I am hooked currently hooked on is a window seat in my upstairs hallway.  I showed my husband pictures last night and he likes the idea too.  He wants to do it himself so I have to find very detailed directions so we do this correctly and don’t need to call friends for help.

Currently the area is blah. I have a table that I painted years ago that holds a plant.  I have curtains and that’s it.  I would love to do a window seat and then a valance over the window.  I might get crazy and paint the wall an accent color as well.   Here are some of the ideas I like.  

Kitchen window seat with pillows and sconces
Thrifty Decor Chick

Isn't this gorgeous! This is one of my favorite bloggers TDC.  Her home is stunning. The details on the front is exactly want I want to replicate.

Birch Tree Wallpaper - Peel and Stick

This is similar to our location for our future window seat.

I want this window seat!
Isn't this GORGEOUS!!!!  I think its too complicated for us with the shelves at an angle but WOW.  

Does anyone have experience in window seats, good or bad?


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