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Ten Productive Activities To Do At Lunch (Besides Eating)

You are busy,

Yes, I get that.  We all are.  

But are you using all the time that you have to your advantage?  Probably not.  When you are in the car is your mind drifting or are you being productive and listening to the news, podcast or a motivational CD?  When you are waiting for color to process on your hair and remove the greys, are you sitting there staring at yourself or using that time?  You could be catching up with a friend, working on a craft project (that’s easy to take with you of course), reading a magazine, replying to an email, etc.  You see my point.  There are nuggets of time that are sprinkled throughout the day that you can use to your advantage.  Are you using all this time to make you a more accomplished person?

One of the best examples is lunch.  If you work, you probably get a lunch break.  However long it is, you are still getting time.  Yes, you have to eat, but can you be doing something while you are eating besides playing on your phone?  You could be catching up with a co-worker, reading the paper, paying a bill, etc.  You get the point.  Here are some things you can squeeze in your lunch time to make the most of it.  
1.        Exercise – This can only happen if you can eat before or after lunch.  I have the luxury to eat at my desk. When it is nice out, I get out of the office and go for a walk with a friend.  Whether it’s a few times around our office building or to the mall and power walk.  Either way, it gets me moving, away from the computer and getting fresh air.

2.       Quick grocery shopping, do a return or run an errand you would normally do on the weekend

3.       Read – it's always good to give your mind a break

4.       Set up a phone date with a friend that has a similar lunch time.  I go sit in a conference room and talk and eat.  This frees up my time at night to focus on other things but keeps me in touch with friends that are important.  It’s hard to stay actively connected to friends.  It takes effort on both ends and this is one way to make sure you set aside time.

5.       Write an email to a friend to catch up

6.       Schedule your doctors and dentist appointments during this time.

7.       Work on a craft, photo book, etc

8.       Work on thank you notes, sending out birthday cards, holiday cards, etc

9.       Network – use this time to go to lunch or coffee with past co-workers, a mentor or a current co-worker.  This keeps your professional network active which is always important

10.   Write out your menu for the next week or search for a new recipe.  As you build your menu create your grocery list with it.
Cheers to being more productive!

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